Libs Say Bullied Kid Deserved It Because Bullies Were Black And Jewish

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Middle school student Keaton Jones’s story went viral after he pled for the bullying to stop. At first people were very supportive, but liberals soon turned against him once they realized the bullies were black. If it would have been white kids that were bullying him, it would have been straightforward, but then it became a racial issue. Although Jones’s mother has made statements saying the family is not racist, unfounded stories about him using racial slurs have maliciously spread.

When a video of middle school student Keaton Jones addressing his bullies went viral, everyone was sympathetic. It wasn’t until two photos of Keaton’s mother holding a confederate flag was discovered that celebrities and journalists started to turn their backs to little Keaton’s plight. After all, racism is one of the few mortal sins left in the liberal media.

BLM activist Tariq Nasheed posted an image of a screenshot from the mother’s facebook page, saying, “But his mom, Kimberly on the other hand, is a suspected racist who makes very problematic posts bullying Black protesters #TheIrony.”

Orange Is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks tweeted, “I believe that we should END BULLYING and have been following this Keaton story but do your research guys. Reports are showing his mother is money hungry and racist. Don’t give to their gofundme account. It’s not in support of anything positive but to put money in her pocket.”

On the contrary, the GoFundMe accounts that were being donated to in Keaton’s name were neither associated with Keaton’s mother nor with the child in the video. The most popular GoFundMe account linked to Keaton was started by Joseph Lam, who posted on the account, “They just want to be accepted and to be able to learn in a safe enviroment.   Im so glad Kim posted this video of her son.  It shows how bullying can really impact a child.  The video that she posted really touched my heart and felt compelled to help.  This is best way that I knew how.”

Lefty site The Root posted an article on Monday about the social media phenomenon, with the headline, “He Went Viral Because of Bullying, but Keaton Jones’ Mother Just Might Be a Racist Money Grabber.”

The article, written by Yesha Callahan, originally stated, “Before you parade your child on social media, sobbing about being bullied, and then have celebrities rally behind you, you might want to clean up your own racist social media posts. That’s exactly what Keaton Jones’ mother, Kimberly Jones, didn’t do—and now her past Facebook posts are coming back to bite her in her racist ass.”

Callahan also stated that Jones may have called his classmates racial slurs, hence the reason for his being bullied. While no proof was cited for this at all, actress Patricia Arquette took the statement to be gospel truth. (via: News Busters)

Now celebrities and the internet are bullying this poor kid. Even if he did respond to the bullying in a less than politically correct manner, that does not mean he deserved to be harassed. Starting malicious rumors to villainize this young child is purely ridiculous. Do you think this boy deserves the negative attention he is receiving?


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