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PA Democrat Wants To Completely BAN Bulletproof Glass Because…It’s Racist?!

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Sometimes, there’s just nothing more to say about Democrat logic except…”wtf?!”

From Conservative Post:

…a Democratic councilwoman from Philadelphia wants to ban the use of bulletproof glass, or Plexiglas, in predominantly African-American neighborhoods.

In other words, putting up Plexiglas in a store located in a black neighborhood is an act of racism.

Zero Hedge added that Yale sociology professor Elijah Anderson had chimed in by labeling Plexiglas a “symbol of distrust,” and claiming its use was part of a series of “micro-aggressions” against African Americans.

Why don’t we just ban bad neighborhoods while we’re at it, dems? I mean surely the reason that they put up bulletproof glass can’t be as a form of protection against vandals or even…and this might come as a shock…natural destruction like high winds or blown debris.

Ugh. What are these people thinking?

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