WikiLeaks Just CONFIRMED That Hillary Sold Classified Secrets To Foreign Gov’t Leaders for CASH!

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This is MAJOR news, and it’s something that we have been waiting for since Hillary first stuck her filthy face into politics. WikiLeaks has CONFIRMED that she sold secrets to foreign leaders, and then pocketed the cash. TREASON at it’s finest, people!

From Conservative Post:

Hillary Clinton spoke of insider information concerning the incursion that led to the killing of Bin Laden with a crew of Canadian businessmen, reveal the emails leaked by WikiLeaks recently. Chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported on Fox News Tuesday that Clinton gave the speech to a group of business leaders in November 2013.

In Clinton’s speech, she specifically discussed “sources and methods” of the raid that led to Osama Bin Laden assassination, Herridge said. Discussing that information “appears to be a violation of national security,” Herridge noted.

Clinton told the business group that an intercepted phone call was part of the intelligence trail that led to bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. According to former Special Ops official, Dan Maguire, Hillary Clinton showed “no respect” for classified information.

“Operation security is paramount,” Maguire said. He added that the revelation Clinton shared this information shows a lack of “integrity and discipline” on the part of those who’ve looked into the incident.

This could potentially be the news that FINALLY brings Hillary down once and for all. These accusations, and the proof to back it up, might actually be enough to send her to prison.

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