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President Trump Just Hired Kellyanne Conway For a White House Job, and It May Be The Most Important Job of Her Life

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If it wasn’t obvious just by turning on your local news, the opioid crisis in America has gotten very bad. Something needs to be done soon. Addiction is a nightmare, and something that is very personal for President Trump – a man who abstains from drugs and alcohol after he lost his brother to alcoholism.

That’s where Kellyanne Conway comes in.

Conservative Post reports:

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway has just been selected by President Trump to represent the Trump administration as “opioid czar.”

During a Wednesday press conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement that Conway would be leading the White House in their effort to battle opioid addiction in our country. During the press conference, Sessions explained that Conway would “coordinate and lead the effort from the White House.”

Sessions explained, “The president has made this a White House priority.”

This is probably the most important job that Conway has ever had, and we sincerely hope that she is able to work with Trump to try and curb this deadly epidemic.

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