Anti-Trump ‘Reporter’ Calls Sarah Sanders A ‘Debased Redneck Mother F**ker’, Americans Make Him Instantly Regret It

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Evan Hurst is an unknown liberal reporter, who in attempt at getting some attention wrote an article named “Go F*ck Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherf*cker.” But apparently, he is oblivious to the fact the Sanders is loved and respected by Patriots who support the president. So, Hurst did a huge mistake by attacking the America’s favorite press secretary.

The unjustified attack on Sarah Huckabee Sanders came as a shock to conservatives. Sanders recently had to tolerate reporter April Ryan saying that she didn’t bake her pecan chocolate pie that she shared with the public during Thanksgiving, and now she is faced with another disrespectful attack from this liberal idiot.

Usually we don’t share such explicit language, but this had to be mentioned, Twitchy‘s senior editor felt the same way, reporting, “Writing this as a Twitchy editor is interesting because we use our fair share of ‘blue-ish’ language in headlines and in copy; it seems a natural part of snark.”

He added, “That being said, there are certain words and phrases even WE avoid because we know they’re just unacceptable and tacky. Like this crap (and it is crap) from Wonkette Senior Editor, Evan Hurst: Go F*ck Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherf*cker. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has seriously gotten under their skin, and this limp-wristed, whiny headline proves it.”

It’s not just the title that is offensive and inappropriate, the whole article is written in the same way and on top of that is full of lies. Hurst wonders if Sanders’ “worst act of the week” was “when she defended her white supremacist boss Donald The Stupid after he hurled racism at Navajo code talkers who helped us win World War II by telling them all about mean old ‘Pocahontas’ in the Senate.”

He shamelessly claims that Elizabeth Warren never lied, like the video of her saying she has Native American heritage does not exist. Warren also marked the American-Indian box when she applied to be a professor at Harvard. But there is no evidence to support her claims.

Hurst also wrote, “Hands down, the worst sin against common decency Sarah Huckabee Sanders committed this week was her response to Trump tweeting anti-Muslim torture porn on Wednesday morning, sourced from British white supremacists who make American white supremacists look like … OK let’s just say it’s a tie as to who has the worst white supremacists.”

Apparently, Hurst has never seen real tortures that the Islamic terrorists have done by now.

He also attacked Sanders by calling her names that we won’t mention them here. And as a response one Twitter user responded, “This is how liberal male @evanhurst treats women. Still surprised at all these sexual assault revelations on the left?” and Hurst unbelievably responded, “He should see how I treat men!”

Hurst wanted the attention and he got it, but unfortunately for him, it’s not the kind he wanted. His Twitter is filled with responses from those who love our White House press secretary. His lies have been exposed, and it didn’t take a lot of energy to do so.

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