FAKE NEWS: CNN Failed To Report 24 Sex Scandals… ALL Of Them Were Democrats!

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If you are one of those people who utilize CNN as your go-to news source this article might come as something of a shock to you (if you choose to believe it that is rather than simply writing it off as one of those “right wing conspiracies”)..

Yes CNN devotees can be forgiven if they are blissfully unaware of any scandals that have occurred in the Democratic Party since the Clinton administration, because CNN has ummm let’s say ‘neglected’ to report on a few.

In fact a recent DailyWire story revealed that there are at least 24 Sex Scandals that have rocked  the Democratic Party that CNN has been unable to find programming time (make that any time) for.

Ryan Saavedr, the author of the story points out that

“To be fair, it is worth noting that CNN has reported on a couple of the big Democrat sex scandals currently receiving major media attention on other news networks, specifically the scandals involving Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI).”

But then Saavedr goes on to list 24 scandals that the Certainly Not News Network did not deem news worthy (complete story and list here)

It should be pointed out that the 24 scandals listed in the article are recent sex scandals, all occurring in 2017, a year that we still haven’t quite finished

Of course it’s difficult for CNN, after all when they try to muddy the waters by pushing demonstratively false stories such as President Trump not visiting Rep. Steve Scalise in the hospital after Scalise was shot at a charity softball game (credit Jim Acosta with that gem), or the plethora of reports that FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress was going to directly contradict President Trump they are invariably caught out and labeled “Fake News”

But give CNN credit, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ Pecan Pie had barely cooled this Thanksgiving and yet CNN’s April Ryan was quickly on the case questioning whether or not Sarah Huckabee Sanders had actually baked the pie (Really! Fox News has the story here)

Perhaps “not reporting” news stories is a lot easier and safer for the reality challenged cable news network. After all, you can’t interview your own cameramen all the time.

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