BUSTED: Mainstream Media ADMITS To Covering Up Clinton Uranium One Scandal

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Liberals sure have a funny way of defining words. It seems that they take regular words that have served a purpose for quite sometimes and then for some odd reason redefine them. Often the words are redefined to something meaning the exact opposite of the word in question, or in some really bizarre cases (like Whoppi Golberg’s “Rape Rape”) redefined to mean nothing at all.

Such would appear to be happening to the word “debunked”. At one time we would have accepted the dictionary’s definition of the word which according to is the following


to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) as being pretentious, false, or exaggerated:
to debunk advertising slogans.

Well that seems straight forward enough, but Clinton apologists like MSNBC’s Katy Tur Apparently want to muddy the definition to something akin to “Hey, we don’t want to talk about it!”

Newsbusters actually caught the smugly disingenuous Tur in the act, informing us all that Tur

“…,bragged on Wednesday’s Deadline: White House that the media were fully aware of the Uranium One story, during the campaign, but purposefully chose to ignore”

According to the excellent article by Newsbuster’s Kristine Marsh (that you can read

in it’s entirety) Tur went on to point out that

“President Trump repeatedly tried to bring up the Uranium One story on the campaign trail, but she, and her fellow journalists, wouldn’t take the bait”

So smug these liberal talking heads! Never mind that Donald Trump attempted to drag this issue out into the light of day, the all powerful main stream media decided in their wisdom (tempered with a true love and admiration for Hillary Rodham Clinton) that the Uranium One saga needed to die shrouded in darkness.

Not only did they (the media) bury it, all indications are they took great pleasure in doing so. Apparently “journalists” like Tur took a personal interest in killing the story and defeating efforts of Donald Trump and his ‘ilk” (which apparently refers to his supporters (for whom Tur’s disdain virtually leaks through the television screen)) to bring the Uranium One narrative to the attention of the general public.

It’s worth noting here however that not all liberal outlets were mum on Uranium one, NPR (not famous for their Conservative leanings) busted the Clinton Foundation’s involvement with the help of the (again not right wing) New York Times in an article published in 2015

The article covers an interview conducted by NPR’s Robert Siegel of Jo Becker (a New York Times Reporter) who had written an story that delved deep into the dark crevices of the Uranium One deal.

How badly did Becker bust the Clinton’s and by association the Clinton Foundation? Well in just a brief portion of his narrative Becker discusses the oft repeated spiel of “multiple agencies signing off on the sale of Uranium”, but rather than stopping there (as most Clinton apologists do) and attempting to sell those of us who are not enamored with Hillary Clinton on the idea that this multiple agency signing off tidbit means no possible Clinton – oh heck lets just say it – collusion could have occurred, Becker elaborates

“Yeah. Multiple agencies had to sign off on this including the State Department. And why that’s interesting is that the men who had built and financed this company behind this deal were some of Bill Clinton’s biggest donors, and one man, the chairman of the company, had donated, we found, 2.35 million dollars in donations that the Clinton Foundation had failed to disclose.”

So despite MSNBC shrill Tur’s protests that the Trump administration is revealing it’s “desperation” in asking for justice to be served on this matter, perhaps the desperation is on her part and the part of her “All Trump Hate, All The Time” network.

The last few weeks have sucked big time for both MSNBC and CNN with the other alphabets (ABC, CBS, NBC) not faring so well either. They are being forced to report on stories that they have purposely hidden from the American public for years, and the fact that they don’t like that is evident.

It looks as if these Clinton apologists posing as journalists are trying to redefine “debunked” in a variety of ways. “Shot down” hardly means the same thing, neither does “buried” or hushed up”. But while they are attempting to redefine the word “debunked” America is redefining the word “journalist” and they aren’t using very many nice words while doing so.




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