Trump Has Kept His Promise, and Liberals Are FREAKING OUT!

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Liberals whined and cried and screamed about how horrible Trump would be as President, and they have been doing everything possible for the last year to prove it – even if they have to make up reasons why. Well, they can continue making up whatever they’d like, but no one can argue with the facts.

From Conservative Post:

Playing off liberal pessimism, economists forecast a year of stagnation, if not decline, for America.

So, it’s with tremendous surprise, and a lot of revising the numbers, that we come to find that Trump’s first year in office has brought nearly unprecedented growth.

This was most clearly seen in the stock markets closing at record highs last week.

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out,Stock prices are driven by expectations of future success. Justin Lahart notes in the Journal that in 2017 companies have not just been expecting future growth—they’ve been making investments to capitalize on it.

To what do we owe this unexpected uptick?

Experts are attributing it to Trump’s business-friendly policies, which are encouraging American companies to again take risks and push the economy forward.

Companies are eager to join the club of risk-takers and innovators once they get signals from Washington that it’s willing to tolerate freer markets.

Sorry crybabies, Trump is here to kick a** and chew bubblegum, and he’s all out of bubblegum. Go Trump!

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