BREAKING: North Korea Has Detonated a Nuclear Bomb in their Own Country, Hundreds Injured or Dead

It is being reported that just two months ago, North Korea detonated a bomb in their own country, which killed dozens and injured hundreds more, including school children.

The news was not reported right away, as media outlets are not allowed to spread negative news about North Korea, and the reports did not make it to the United States until recently.

From Conservative Post:

Farms, homes and even a school are reported to have crumbled during the 6.3 magnitude quake triggered by the underground nuclear test.

The school which collapsed did so in North Korea’s North Hamgyong Province – injuring up to 150 school children.

North Korea has been accused of failing to warn locals of the imminent nuclear test, with children waiting in their classrooms during the collapse.

North Korean hospitals are flooded with soldiers with radiation sickness from the fallout, according to reports.

Do these reports mean that more could be coming from N.K.? Should we be worried that they might try to reach the United States with their warheads?

What do you think?

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