Trans ‘Woman’ Rapes Girl, Now ‘He’ May Go To A Women’s Prison If Liberals Get Their Way

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In 2004, David Ayrton, then 25, pinned down a 15-year-old girl and raped her. David has since claimed to be a transgender “woman” and changed his name to “Davina.” He still has his male genitalia intact but is demanding he be placed in a women’s prison due to his new self-identity. And he just might get his way.

Davina could get the switch to an all-female prison if government officials in the U.K. give the go-ahead. “Convicts currently need a gender recognition certificate approved by an expert panel and a doctor if they wish to move,” reports The Sun, referencing a new gender law. “They can be blocked if they are thought to have changed gender to make sexual offending easier.”

It appears the rape was first reported to officers soon after the incident in 2004 by the victim, but the young girl “didn’t want to discuss [the rape] with officers then.” But in 2014, Davina reportedly confessed the rape to a worker at Heywood Summer House.

Davina “transitioned” in 2013, before he was sentenced to eight years behind bars.

“Ayrton was sent to a male facility against her wishes after the court heard she had a previous conviction for possessing indecent images of children and a sexual interest in teenage girls,” notes The Sun.

The victim of the rape described the horrific experience thusly:

“I know it was over quickly but it felt like it was forever. He just lay on top of me, it must have been seconds but it
felt like it was minutes. He just sat up as if it was nothing,” she said.

“I’m sure there was a point I went to slap him but I couldn’t move my arm. I said get off me. I said it three or four times. It was more his weight on me at that point,” she recalled.

The victim added, “That’s when he was kissing my face, slobbering on my face. I couldn’t breathe.”

Davina, then David, “sat down after the rape, picked something up off the floor and left,” notes The Sun.

Women’s rights advocates, like Fair Play for Women’s Nicola Williams, are rightly skeptical of the new gender law which potentially allows grown male predators into women’s prisons.

“Trans-identifying males will become eligible for transfer to women’s prisons, representing a serious risk,” said Williams.

Via DailyWire

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