House Intelligence Committee, “Fusion GPS PAID Journalists To Make It Look Like Trump Colluded With Russia”

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New evidence has come to light that may just put an end to the Trump/Russia Collusion nonsense. The House Intelligence Committee is digging into newly released court documents that contain evidence showing Fusion GPS paid journalists money to purposefully publish false and slanted information in order to promote the infamous “Trump Dossier” and to plant negative stories against the President in the media.

According to unsealed court documents, Fusion GPS made payments to multiple journalists between June 2016 and February 2017, all of whom reported on “Russian issues relevant to [the committee’s] investigation.”

Only the guilty try to hide their tracks, and that is exactly what Fusion GPS is doing. Fusion has requested a restraining order to prevent the House Intel Committee from seizing records that would explain the payments, saying that the payments made to reporters were not relevant to Trump or the Russia probe.

Josh Levy, a lawyer for Fusion GPS, commented, “This is simply another desperate attempt by the president’s political allies to discredit Fusion GPS’s work and divert attention from the question these committees are supposed to be investigating: The Trump campaign’s knowledge of Russian interference in the election.”

Lawyers for the House Intelligence Committee also claim that Fusion GPS “brokered meetings for dossier author Christopher Steele with at least five major media outlets in September 2016, including Yahoo News.”


h/t Blaze

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