Trump Just Said Something That Put the Fear of GOD Into Lawmakers Who Tried to Hide Sex Scandals

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President Trump just said something that is putting the fear of God – and the law – into those lawmakers who paid settlements to sexual harassment accusers with taxpayer money.

Conservative Tribune says:

Trump came out loud and clear in support of the idea that lawmakers who have paid settlements to sexual harassment accusers should be identified to the public.

“I do – I really do,” Trump said in a brief news conference on the South Lawn, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Considering that the Democratic Party is currently being racked by sexual harassment scandals – from Al Franken in the Senate and the iconic John Conyers in the House to the Democrat bastions in Hollywood – that’s a prospect that can’t be very palatable to the supposed party of women’s empowerment.

But it’s a prospect that’s been fostered by one of its own – California Rep. Jackie Speier, who last week revealed that the House of Representatives had paid out $15 million in the two decades between 1997 and 2016, according to The Hill.

Do you agree with President Trump? Should lawmakers be exposed for trying to brush sexual harassment scandals under the rug?

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