Hillary Just Bragged About Her Husband ‘Not Using Twitter’ During His Presidency, Even Tho It Didn’t Exist

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According to his fawning bride Hillary, William Jefferson Clinton was a model of self control during his tenure as President of the United States – !Really!

Oh, not in the way your thinking of – sure he sucked at keeping his hands (and other appendages) off of young women (middle aged women and probably a few matronly women), but that’s not the self control that Hillary was speaking of, no Hillary was praising Bill for not using Twitter throughout his presidency, unlike that uncouth old Donald Trump.

Sadly for Hillary, yet another one of her narratives blew up on her. Problems with the Clinton Foundation Time Machine meant that Al Gore was still hard at work perfecting the Internet during the Clinton presidency (1993 – 2001) and he didn’t have time to invent Twitter until early in 2007 and this, as most historians agree, was too late to help the Clinton administration.

Hillary does remembers what a great job her dear husband did bringing peace to Northern Ireland, and he did do a yeoman’s job of it too!! There was barely time for Bill to seduce a few impressionable young interns let alone fritter his time away on Twitter!

Demonstrating the well known fact that the never ending bitch fest otherwise known as the “Why I lost world tour” was still going strong, Hillary took the time to blame Fox News, the Main Stream Media, Right Wing websites and the scary old “right wing conspiracy” for the problems encountered by both her and her husband insofar as the ruination of their reputations was concerned.

The staunch defense of the former POTUS (along with the obligatory criticism of the current occupant of the White House) took place at a Clinton Foundation event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Bill Clinton’s victory in the Presidential election. As this article went to publication there was no word of any planned celebration to commemorate the foundation’s theft of earthquake and flood relief funds that were intended for the nation of Haiti

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