10 Great Things Trump Has Accomplished That We Can Be THANKFUL For

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Lavar Ball can go kick a can. I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that we can all be THANKFUL for, thanks to President Trump. Feel free to proudly boast these awesome accomplishments in front of your liberal Aunt Becky.

  1. Unemployment At Lowest Rate Since 2007 – 4.4%
  2. Several Major Companies Have Reinvested In American Jobs/Facilities Because Of Trump
  3. Second Largest Budget Surplus In American History – $182B In April 2017
  4. Stock Market Is Up More Than 25% As Of October 2017
  5. Consumer Confidence At 125.6
  6. Trump Signed 34 Bills Through Congress By May 2017 (Getting S**t Done)
  7. Appointed Constitutionalist Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch
  8. Killed The TPP After 8 Years Of Inaction
  9. Border Security – 40 Percent Fewer Illegal Border Crossings And Deportation Of Violent And Repeat Offenders (And A Beautiful New Wall Soon)
  10. Trump Has Strengthed America’s Image As The Global Leader (Just Ask Asia After His Highly Successful Trip)


Thank you, President Trump!


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