POLL: Should ‘Turkey Pardon’ Ritual Be Stopped Since It Offends Vegans?

Trump just offended vegans across the nation by pardoning Wishbone and Drumstick at annual Presidential Turkey pardon festivities. They were especially upset because he made light of the situation by joking that he couldn’t revoke Obama’s pardon of “Tator and Tot,” even though he has undone some of Obama’s mistakes.

For years PETA has been demanding they cancel this “cruel ritual. According to these activists, “This ritual makes no sense and lacks compassion. Turkeys have done nothing needing pardon, nor deserving death. “Pardoning” one turkey while condoning the slaughter of millions of others for a holiday feast is an outdated, cruel ritual, now that we know what we do about factory farms. Ask the president to pardon all turkeys and have a plant-based Thanksgiving feast at the White House instead!”

Do you think the presidential turkey pardon should be stopped so vegans aren’t offended?

What do you think?

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