POLL: Do You Still Stand For The National Anthem?

Liberals and Democrats are chipping away at the foundation of America. They use every opportunity to politicize and polarize anything they can turn into an ‘issue’. Everyone is racist, everything is repressive. Men are too manly, women too prudish.

It doesn’t surprise me that they have turned to attacking our flag and national anthem. How else to transform a country than to burn it to the ground? These people have done everything except actually say the words, “war on America”. All this time I thought it would be ISIS shouting, “death to Americans!”

The fight has started, regardless of what the liberal snowflakes hoped would happen. They threw the first punch, and many Americans – damn proud Americans – refuse to sit or kneel to this tyranny. I stand for the National Anthem and all the America represents. Do you still stand for the National Anthem?

What do you think?

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