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Liberals Have Been CRYING For an Answer, But Steve Bannon Just Explained EXACTLY How Donald Trump Won The Presidency

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Liberals have been spending the better part of a year crying and whining and complaining, wondering how Donald Trump could have possibly won the election, and somehow they have never come up with an answer.

Well, Steve Bannon just stood up and gave his answer to everyone.

From Conservative Post:

According to [Steve] Bannon, the only reason a total maverick like Trump not only sought the White House, but became the first choice of many Americans is because the politicians so long in charge had failed the country on key issues.

Chief among those issues is border security and unchecked illegal immigration.

Speaking at an annual event to honor slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, killed in 2010, Bannon said this hero’s death contributed directly to Trump seeking and winning the presidency.

[Breitbart] reports that Bannon described, from 2014 through 2016, some of the high points of Trump’s bid for the presidency and the pivotal role that the issue of border security played in his success.

“I can tell you, he wouldn’t be President of the United States if not for the incident that happened here. This is, Brian Terry will live in history as a historical figure and the reason was, he brought to the attention of the American people, he put a human face on it, he put a hero’s face on it, of what is exactly at risk on the southern border of our country.”

What do you think? Was Brian Terry the real straw that broke the camel’s back, and got Trump elected?

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