Oh My: Hillary Tells Victims Of Sexual Assault To Speak Up… Does Anyone Remember That This Hypocrite ATTACKED Her Husbands Victims?

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Radio host Rita Cosby grilled failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over the sexual assault allegations against her husband former President Bill Clinton. The weekend WABC-AM radio host asked Clinton point blank if she regretted the way she treated the accusers.

COSBY: Do you regret not saying something in support of the women? Because you’ve always said that women should be believed and yet George Stephanopoulos and others said that you were part of the attacking the victims, the women who were making the allegations against your husband. Do you regret that?

CLINTON: Look, I think every situation has to be judged on its own merits. And there were allegations that were disproved. There were allegations that were absolutely contradicted under sworn testimony. So, of course, you should give people who make such allegations the benefit of the doubt, that’s what our system does, but then you have to investigate them, and that fully happened in the late 90s.

And what we’ve got here is something very different. You know, there’s been no commitment to investigate the more than a dozen women who have made charges against President Trump and there’s been no effort to really go into and understand what he was talking about in his Hollywood Access tape. So I just say they are not parallel and I think it’s unfortunate that people are either misremembering or misinterpreting history. The country remembers it. The country went through it. And it was a painful period. The Republicans spent tens of millions of dollars looking at every part of our lives and we all know what they found. And that was based on those allegations that were provable and the many that were not and this is a distraction that we shouldn’t fall for. Because if you’re going to hold people to the same standard there’s a lot of parallels that are not being followed in recent times.

For decades, both the media and political class protected former President Clinton and his wife from questions such as these. Times have truly changed. 

The grilling comes amid an effort to purge the Clintons from the Democrat power structure as the party struggles to galvanize the base around meaningful policy proposals and inspirational 2020 candidates. Aside from attempting to derail President Trump’s agenda, what ideas have the Democrats put forward that a deal orientated White House can deliberate in a serious way?

Not only are the Democrats light on policy, but even with the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, is there anyone out there that could defeat President Trump in 2020? The prospect appears less likely everyday. Before the Democrats can even begin to ponder these big questions, the Clinton machine must first be purged.

Via GatewayPundit

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