WATCH: Recent SNL Skit Accurately Represents Democrats As Severely Out Of Touch, Elderly Losers

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Nearly 20 years ago, “Saturday Night Live” decided to give up half its audience. Up until the year 2001 or so, the late-night comedy show skewered all targets, left and right. Sure, it leaned left, but a joke’s a joke and everyone was in play.

But something changed when George W. Bush got into office — the vitriol poured forth each week, vicious hatred for the president, not just jokes. And for the eight years Democrat Barack Obama was president? Nope, just more hate for Republicans and conservatives — the only jokes about Obama were about how smart and cool he was.

So it comes as a real shocker that SNL last night took a swipe at the Democrats.

Of course they should, they’re hilarious. Take right now — the party has no leader whatsoever, the last two candidates were 76 and 70 years old; Hillary Clinton is in Wisconsin (where she didn’t go during her losing campaign) hawking her new book, “What Happened”; fellow candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, a socialist, is shuttling between his three houses; the former head of the party, Donna Brazile, has written a scathing new book exposing the dirty tricks Hillary played against Bernie; and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has again said something unintelligible (as she does almost daily now).

In a three-minute mock ad for the Democratic Party, the cast of SNL parodies all the hilarious characters, like Sens. Chuck Schumer, 66, Diane Feinstein, 84, and Tim Kaine, along with Hillary, 70, Pelosi, 77, and Sanders, 76.

“We’re back, baby!” Feinstein says, her jaw barely moving. “You love our fresh new ideas delivered by fresh new faces by people like me, Nancy Pelosi,” says Kate McKinnon, whose lips are the only thing that move, a nod to the massive amount of plastic surgery the Dem leader has undergone.

They’ve got a whole new plan, they promise. “We can’t just appeal to coastal elites,” Feinstein and Pelosi say, the party realizes it needs the “mouth breathers from Wisconsin” and the “window lickers from Ohio.” And they’ll focus on jobs, “like converting Confederate monuments into statues of prominent lesbian poets,” Pelosi says.

Pelosi also touts some “newcomers” in the party, like “hot young thing” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (she’ll be 71 if she runs in 2020). And Jason Sudakis pops up in a cameo as Uncle Joe to say, “It’s Biden time!”

Hillary comes back to beg voters for “just one more chance,” and “then maybe one more chance after that.”

“And just wait until Bernie transfers his base of passionate millennial voters over to a new leader,” Pelosi says, before Sanders appears again to say, “No. If you liked it, you should’ve put a ring on it. Pass.”

The mock ad has a great kicker, too, at the very end.

Via DailyWire

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