NRA Is Worse Than ISIS And Al Qaeda Combined? This is ABSURD!

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Is the NRA worse than ISIS and al-Qaeda combined? Politico seems to think so and is spreading this  degenerate cartoon that makes NRA out to be some sort of object of worship to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Comparing the NRA to a terrorist organization in any way is absurd.

As The Right Scoop points out they are completely ignoring NRA heroes:

They don’t even consider that the organization they are demonizing also produced the dude that CHASED and SHOT DOWN the murderous a-hole in Texas this week. Yes, that dude was an NRA instructor, but these degenerates are so hateful that they’d demonize the very dude that took down the evil shooter.

Feel free to share your interpretation of this cartoon and tweet Politico to tell them your thoughts on the BS they are spreading.


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