[WATCH] This Muslim SHOCKS Everyone When She Speaks Out

This Muslim has some shocking words for us. Others in her community are not happy she has spoken out, but the video has gone viral. The truth can not be silenced now.

Apparently the Muslim Student Association (a Muslim Brotherhood front) shut down a Holocaust Awareness Week at Ryerson University in Canada.

According to Conservative Post

Ryerson University has expressed concern about complaints of anti-Semitism that erupted at a student union meeting this week after students made a motion to mark Holocaust education week on campus every year.

“The university is very concerned about allegations at a recent RSU (Ryerson Students’ Union) meeting,” Johanna VanderMaas, manager of public affairs, said in an email Thursday.

And, according to the student newspaper:

“Members from [RMSA] and [SJP] tried to create an amendment that equivocated conflict in Israel and Palestine to the Holocaust, which is actually extremely anti-semitic,” Hillel at Ryerson social justice chair Aedan O’Connor said.

O’Connor also said that members from RMSA and SJP were allegedly “snickering and jeering” when Cooper was presenting her motion and that comments were made about there being too many Jewish students speaking and that they should all sit down.



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