Feminists Say Taylor Swift Deserved To Be Sexually Assaulted Because She Supports Trump

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There is something very ugly about the feminist movement. If you don’t support them and agree with them on every issue, it seems you are less than human. Taylor Swift claims to be a feminist, but apparently she is not enough of a feminist. She also committed one of the biggest sins fathomable: supporting Trump.

Hotair reports some nastiness directed at the pop star:

Anticipating “Reputation,” Bustle editor Rachel Simon insisted that the 27-year-old Swift “can’t just say that the media has painted her as a fake feminist or a manipulative liar; she needs to say ‘I deserved it.’ ” Even after her sexual assault lawsuit, feminists pounced on Swift. Salon writer Rachel Leah retorted that Swift is “known to wave the feminist banner only when it directly benefits her.” Bustle agreed, decrying Swift’s feminism as a “deeply flawed,” “self-serving” “white feminism.”

As proof of her feminist failures, editor Kadeen Griffiths listed Swift’s many faults: not criticizing President Trump, not “publicly support[ing] organizations” like Planned Parenthood and not attending the Women’s March (her tweet apparently wasn’t enough.) Outlet after outlet has pressured Swift to condemn the president in the name of feminism. In January, the Daily Beast went so far as to accuse her of “Spineless Feminism.”

It’s time so-called “feminists” stop hating on women for not being Trump-hating baby killers. Way to stand your ground, Taylor Swift. Haters gonna hate.


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