EPIC: Trump Jr. HUMILIATES Jeff Flake With One Tweet Over One Of The Dumbest Gun Control Pushes Yet

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Jeff Flake and Donald Trump Jr. are in the midst of a Twitter feud — but the winner was obvious from the very first post.

After the Texas church shooting on Sunday, Flake promised voters that he was working on new gun control legislation. That bill would “prevent anyone convicted of domestic violence… from buying a gun.”

Sounds reasonable enough — except that that legislation ALREADY exists. That fact was quickly pointed out by Donald Trump Jr. in a subsequent tweet.

Jeff Flake’s reply didn’t dispute Trump Jr.’s claims. Instead, he just repeated the purpose of the legislation once again.

Donald Trump Jr. then used a favorite phrase of his fathers’ to respond — “wrong.”

Add Trump Jr. is right — Flake is wrong. One would think that a legislator would know about the gun laws already on the books, particularly before starting work on the topic.

But never expect our legislature to know what they’re doing. Thankfully, Trump Jr. was there to point out Flake’s incompetence to the world.

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We won’t have to deal with him for much longer — thank goodness!

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