Blue State Virginia Elected Americas First Transgender Congress…Person? Democrats Boast Victory, But Its Not Really

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Virginia has elected the nation’s first transgender member of Congress.

Heavy metal singer Danica Roem defeated Bob Marshall, who is considered to be one of the most socially conservative voices in Virginia and, by many, thought to be anti-LGBT, on Tuesday.

On his website, Marshall called himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” and wrote a bill similar to North Carolina’s bathroom bill that said people should use the bathroom corresponding to the gender they were born.

“I’m running for office because my identity shouldn’t be a big deal, this shouldn’t be newsworthy or political. This is just who I am,” Roem said in a controversial ad that showed him applying makeup to himself before pretending to be a woman.

The victory should not come as a major surprise as Hillary Clinton won the district Roem is going to represent by 14 points a year ago in the most progressive area of, what has become, a Democrat state.

Democrats jump for joy after winning candidate checks every identity box in PC checklist

Not everyone thought it was fantastic.

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