Trump Does Something INCREDIBLE That Obama Never Could

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Trump’s made a number of positive changes, but this recent victory is especially worth noting because Trump has done something no president in the last 50 years has been able to accomplish. One of Trump’s major campaign promises was to create more jobs in the USA, and he has already delivered.

According to USA Today, the Labor Department confirmed that the number of unemployment claims went down 22,000. In total, there are 222,000 people who currently have unemployment claims. This is the fewest number of people since March of 1973. 1.89 Million are still collecting unemployment, but since he has come into office we have seen a 9% decrease.

Christian News Alerts details his current plan of action:

The current path that President Trump taking will increase productivity by leveraging what he can in order to get large tax cuts across the board. Another way the President can achieve this goal is through steady deregulation. Former-President Barack Obama established a lot of red-tape that caused problems for business owners and slowed productivity.

Republicans in Congress are looking to cut the corporate tax rate. At the same time, they also want to reduce the number of tax brackets that are applied to individuals.
Businesses are more confident than they have been in a long time under this administration, and this is good news for everybody.
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