POLL: Should The Food Stamp Program Be Replaced By Food Banks To Prevent Fraud?

Colorado is actually making a law to ban the use of food stamps on marijuana. That should go without saying! The food stamp program is notorious for the abuse. Everyone has seen the food stamp steak, soda, and buyers, but what is truly disgusting is when the so-called “needy” get creative in finding ways to turn their benefits into drugs and alcohol.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program already sends out billions of dollars in food, purchased by the government, to food banks where it is distributed to the needy. Some are proposing getting rid of the fraud-ridden food stamp program and focusing on food banks instead. Having to live on government cheese and canned pears might motivate some to get a job. Buying food in bulk, and distributing it to the needy in that way has the potential to save billions now used on the SNAP program. Do you think this is a good idea?

What do you think?

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