Sean Hannity CRUSHES MSNBC – Sends Anti-Trump, Race Baiting, Fake News Pundits Home Crying

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Sean Hannity just got some spectacular news from Middle America. After Fox News went through a few lineup changes they decided to return Sean Hannity to his old time slot.

There were rumors flying around for the reason and most assumed it was to combat the rise in MSNBC’s ratings.

Who struck liberal gold with their Trump bashing and conspiracy theories.

And Sean provided the antidote Middle America needed as the new ratings clearly show.

According to Deadline, Sean’s return has been a triumphant one indeed.

Back at his original 9PM timeslot, Sean Hannity’s show crushed the competition.

He was the most-watched cable news program for the entire month of October with an earth shattering 3.2 million total viewers.

Making this Sean’s second highest month ever. In his career.

Wow. Good job Sean.

To make it even better Sean garnered 686K eyeballs in the 25-54 age bracket advertisers salivate over.

Rachel Maddow also heard from Middle America though she didn’t like what we said.

She fell off a cliff and dropped to third place with 2.5 million views behind even Tucker Carlson who grabbed 2.8 million total viewers.

America is sick and tired of the Trump bashing conspiracies. That get more hysterical with each passing day.

We want the simple truth, or as close as we are going to get from the media, and we have spoken.

Congratulations Sean, you deserve it. Share if you agree and spread the good news far and wide.


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