Trump Puts The HEAT On Schumer, Then He Immediately Made This Promise

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Trump is right again. And I take no pleasure in saying so because people lost their lives.

But when tragedy strikes we must evaluate, with a critical and calm eye, what went wrong so we can fix it.

So there won’t be a next time.

The fact is everyone wants to come to America and be an American. We are the best country on the planet with the most freedom and most opportunity.

We have a visa lottery program that people from across the world enter, and it is like winning the Powerball jackpot when one wins.

But times have changed. And while we want to bring in immigrants we – clearly after the attack – need to change how we do it.

It is common sense but the Democrats don’t see it.

So Trump woke up today and smacked Chuck Schumer and fired the shot literally heard round the world by the hundreds of millions who want to hit the American dream jackpot.

Because Trump is going to do what is right and now what is politically correct. For it is a privilege not a right to get to come to America and we need to start treating it like that.

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Via (LibertyWriters)

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