Hate Groups Threatening To Riot After Trump Cuts Their Obama-Era Funding

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For eight years Obama endorsed violence from “heroic groups” like Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers by basically paying them to do it. He handed out tax payer money hand over fist, and even marched with them to show his support. Unfortunately for them Obama’s time has passed.

Trump is now canceling this federal funding, because contrary to popular belief he is trying to UNIFY this country. The controversial project “Honoring the Black Panthers” has been canceled. If they want to honor their violent history they will have to do it on their own dime.

Freedom Daily recently revealed that,

The Park Service donated around $100,000 to the University of California, Berkeley for a research project to the Black Panthers extremist group to “memorialize a history that brought meaning to lives far beyond the San Francisco Bay Area.”

While awarding the funds for the project, the National Park Service had this to say. “Committed to truthfully honoring the legacy of [Black Panther Party] BPP activists and the San Francisco Bay Area communities they served, the project seeks to document the lives of activists and elders and the landscapes that shaped the movement,”

Shortly after the violent group received this funding, there was a public outcry against the continuation of the financing since a Black Panther member murdered in cold-blood a Park Ranger in 1973.
The big question is why did they receive federal funding in the first place? This group supports white genocide and thinks violence is an acceptable way to get what they want. If it was the other way around you can be damn sure they would not have gotten a dime from the US government.
It’s nothing personal, guys. Trump just does not want to waste American tax dollars on this program promoting hate. Unfortunately they do not understand this and are threatening riots now that the program is officially over.
Are you happy your tax dollars will no longer be funding this project?
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