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Sarah Sanders DOES IT AGAIN! How She Just Put Reporters In Their Place With BEER Was Awesome!

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Monday’s press briefing should have been one of the most difficult days of Sarah Sanders’ life. Robert Mueller just announced the first criminal charges connected to the Russia investigation and the press were ready to pounce.

So Sarah Sanders started talking about BEER.

More specifically, she started talking about beer as it relates to tax reform.

The story she told originated from a viral email that made the rounds in 2011. It involves a bar that allows a group of friends to split the bill in relation to income. When the bar decides to lower the prices, the poorest of the friends complain that they got the smallest dollar-amount discount. Meanwhile, while the amount of money the richest friends “saved” is more, they are still required to pay way more than their friends.

Sanders used the story to explain why the media’s reaction to tax reform is incorrect. They focus on how the rich benefit most from tax cuts when, in reality, they are still the most burdened.

You can see the entire story in the video below.

Comment “Go Sarah!” and SHARE if you think we need tax reform NOW!

Congress is unwilling to work with Trump, we need to let them know that they must WORK with our president to give us what we want!

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