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The Three Words Trump Just Used To Shame Greedy Obama, Lying Hillary, And Turncoat Bush

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Barack and Michelle Obama are not happy. With Trump’s historic win and the slow but sure dismantling of his legacy, how could he be?

And it is not just the Obama’s who are furious with all things Trump. The Bush’s and the Clinton’s and the rest are losing their minds with Trump.

Which is so strange.

Because they are the ones who created the mess Trump inherited. The world is on fire and they sat back and stoked the flames.

They did nothing save make America weaker, economically for sure, while the world fell apart.

So we did the right thing and we elected President Trump.

To fix the mess. And for that the establishment to then attack Trump and his supporters is a true disgrace.

So Trump went on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs show to set the record straight.

President Donald Trump said he is the right man at the right time in history foe the hardest job on the planet.

Because he is a problem solver who will clean up the messes he inherited. Especially North Korea.

“It’s a very big problem,” Trump said. “It should have never been given to me. This should have been solved long before I came to office, when it would have been easier to solve. But it was given to me, and I’ll get it solved…”

Then he looked into the camera and added the three words that shamed the establishment and made the Obama’s seethe with rage:

“I solve problems.”

And by that he meant he will solve the problems they created.

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