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Trump Bashing Finally Takes Its Toll On George Clooney, What Just Happened Will Shut Up Liberal Actors For Good

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George Clooney had a huge movie opening this weekend. He had a lot riding on it.

When Hollywood stars like Clooney get to direct a movie instead of star in one, it takes just about all the clout they can muster.

Because rarely do Hollywood passion projects directed by arrogant stars do well at the box office.

Some do, most make their money back, and some get humiliated.

Which is what just happened to George Clooney’s new movie Suburbicon.

After months of relentlessly bashing President Trump middle America hit back hard and totally embarrassed the humbled Clooney.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is a total flop. A dud of the highest order.

Clooney’s vanity project is a total debacle bringing in just $2.8 million from 2,045 theaters.

That’s as bad as it gets and is the worst box office haul any of the movies Clooney has directed.

The worst opening of his directorial career and it marks the second worst opening of Matt Damon’s career.

But it gets worse, much worse.

Suburbicon lost to a much smaller movie, Thank You for Your Service, in a Hollywood shocker.

Although they shouldn’t be shocked because that movie is a patriotic look at the lives of our returning soldiers and was directed by American Sniper writer Jason Hall.

Middle America has spoken and we just sent Clooney running back to Hollywood with his tail between his legs and he deserves it. Share if you agree.

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