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LIBERAL FAIL! America Is Laughing Hard After Trump Jr. Brutally Destroys Keith Olbermann

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Keith Olbermann is a rabid anti-Trump basher who never, ever seems to shut his big mouth.

He always, always, has some rant or another aimed at Trump. As each rant gets more hysterical, Keith loses more credibility.

He had barely any left and today, and Donald Trump Jr. just finished him off with one devastating tweet.

Here is what happened. Keith attacked conservative media personality Tomi Lahren on Twitter for her Halloween costume.

According to the Gateway Pundit he cited the US Flag Code, one that prohibits wearing the flag as clothing, to mock Tomi’s MAGA costume.

Enter Don Trump Jr. to set the record straight and shut Keith’s bigmouth once and for all.

He tweeted out a picture of Keith’s new Trump bashing book and the humiliation was complete.

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