This Dallas Cowboy Was Just Fired IMMEDIATELY After He Defied The Team Owner

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While I may be no fan of the National Football League, for various reasons, there is one thing I’m going to ask for for Christmas.

A Dallas Cowboys hat. Or jersey. Or t-shirt. Or allllllll of it. I might just send the owner of the Dallas Cowboys a check, with a print of the American Flag on it. Just because I don’t want to crowd my closets but still want to show my support.

What am I talking about?

According to American News Hub:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it abundantly clear recently. If his players disrespect the national anthem, they will be benched. Jerry wasn’t kidding. In fact, he even took things one step further.

Damontre Moore has now been cut from the Cowboys for raising the black power fist after the anthem was played.

Wait. Strike my earlier comment. I don’t want a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt. I want a Jerry Jones t-shirt; him riding on a bald eagle, with an American Flag waving in the background.

Yes. That’s what I want Santa.

Jerry Jones said, “Under no circumstances will the Dallas Cowboys–I don’t care what happens–under no circumstances will we as an organization or as coaches and players not support and stand and recognize and honor the flag. Period.”

It’s amazing that this day in age someone says something and then stands by it.

Despite what ridicule they may face or backlash by certain fans, Jerry Jones gives zero…you know whats.

Of course now Moore is back pedaling. He said he meant no disrespect. He has a lot of family members who serve in the military.

Did he serve in the military? Did a grenade go off near him? Impairing his hearing?

Is that why he didn’t hear the words of Jones?

Why would he not take him seriously? Are we living in a world where there are just no repercussions for actions anymore?

Is that the problem? Because Words mean nothing? No doesn’t actually mean no?

I’m thankful for the Jerry Jones’ of this world and this league. He’s bringing back pride in country, respect for country, and respect for words.

Maintaining the integrity of consequential statements

No means no. Now, Moore has no job.


Because he didn’t listen to his boss. It doesn’t matter if you’re a grocery-store cashier or a millionaire football player.

No one is above their boss, the rules that are set. If you don’t like it, you can join Colin Kaepernick…wherever he is…bowling? Grocery shopping for him mom? Filing lawsuits to suggest his unemployment is a sign of collusion and not mediocrity?

Who knows.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could certainly take a lesson from Jones. You do not need to kowtow to these millionaire whiners.

You need to stand your ground and establish some rules. Enforce those rules. There is no need for anarchy within the National Football League.

Trump may have been right–the NFL lacks leadership. But it looks like Jerry Jones is emerging as a leader and a bastion of patriotism and pride for this country.

Kudos to you Jones–and good luck to the Cowboys. (I still won’t be watching but good luck!)

What do all of you think?

(via: Federalist Papers)

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