Paul Ryan Was Just CAUGHT Stabbing Trump in the Back AGAIN! It’s Time For Him To Go!

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Paul Ryan just announced his plan to give up Donald Trump’s best chance to build The Wall.

According to Breitbart, Ryan told members of Congress that he intends to add DACA to an end-of-year spending bill. The comments came during a meeting that was closed to the press — but his plan leaked shortly after the meeting ended.

“Two House Republicans confirmed to the HuffPost that Ryan mentioned at the gathering slipping DACA amnesty into the spending deal,” the network reports.

When Donald Trump announced the impending end to DACA, he did so under serious legal pressure. His predecessor started the program illegally and several attorneys general were about to launch a legal battle against DACA that the White House would surely lose.

So Trump ended the program — but promised to bring it back as long as his demands were met.

Just this week, Trump claimed that he would support a DACA deal if it included funding for his border wall.

But Paul Ryan wants to give that bargaining chip away. He would doom Trump’s immigration agenda in the process.

Comment “MAGA” and SHARE if you support DONALD TRUMP over Paul Ryan.

The past has indicated that Ryan will support our president if we demand it. We must demand it now!

(via: Liberty Writers)

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