Hillary Clinton Was Just Completely HUMILIATED While On Her Book Tour In W. Virginia

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The left is out for blood in the 2018 midterm elections. They think they have a huge chance to flip the house and the Senate and they are going all in.

Mid-term years are never kind to the incumbent party. Traditionally they get creamed. Lose tons of seats.

For a few reasons but mainly American’s tend to like divided government because it used to mean politicians had to compromise and find solutions that are fair to everyone.

But that ship sailed and now politics often resembles a blood sport. Which it always has been to be honest – we just never saw it in public.

So the Democrats are all in on their dream to take the house and the senate and their base is riled up.

They have been pouring money into races and when they lose by a few points they call it a victory – they have a shaky foundation to say the least.

The liberal base has almost taken it as fact that will sweep the 2018 midterm elections. They are so convinced they will win (because they hate Trump so much they think everyone else must share their disgust) that they will be crushed when they lose.

Believe me, more so than when Hillary lost. Because they see this as the last stand. If they cannot sweep the midterms this year, when they have history on their side an outsider like Trump in office, they never will.

They know this. Most political experts know this. Their base knows this. And they all think they can’t lose.

They are so deluded that they think Hillary is their secret weapon to bring to bear on any republican candidate near victory.

According to the Washington Examiner, Hillary is already out on the campaign trail trying to help Democrat Phil Murphy in his race for New jersey governor.

They really think the whole nation feels as bad for her as they do and think she will walk into a close election and tip the scales their way.

Enter Joe Manchin. He is in the fight of his political life to keep his seat in 2018.

The Democrat West Virginia Senator is more closely aligned to Republican ideas than Democrats and is often seen as a candidate to switch parties.

He is loyal and he said no to going GOP, so the West Virginia Senate race will be one of the key races across the country and is an absolute must win for the Democrats.

It is a red state that Trump won but Manchin has strong support because he disagrees with most of the liberal platform.

So it will be close. And the balance of power in the Senate may hang on this race.

So when a liberal reporter from MSNBC spoke with Manchin she seemed almost too happy to ask Manchin if he was going to employ the secret liberal weapon and trot out an aggrieved Hillary to hold pity parties across the state to rev up the base.

Joe Manchin looked straight at her and you can almost hear him thinking…liberals? Are these people fools?… and delivered the line that humiliated Hillary to the core. And crushed the liberal dream of using her as their secret weapon.

“It wouldn’t be wise for Hillary to come to West Virginia. It wouldn’t be a good thing for her or for me,” Manchin said.

Ouch. Just Humiliating.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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