Idiot Leftist, Michael Moore, Gives Up Film-making Career For Broadway and FAILS MISERABLY

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If you have managed to forget in the last few months just who the hell Michael Moore is then both congratulations and apologies are in order. Congratulations for managing to push this sweaty, unfunny and self important left winger out of your mind, and apologizes if this article dredges up any unwanted memories.

Sadly Moore is still out there, this time peddling his brand of pathetic pandering on Broadway, and from all accounts not making a very good show of it.

The American Thinker’s Marion DS Dreyfus took one for the team so to speak by making the trek to witness Moore’s “The Terms of My Surrender” which for all intents and purposes appears to be an overly long and highly predictable adoration of himself. To say the show was a travesty would be a massive understatement.

After elucidating on the numerous empty seats found throughout the theater Dreyfus describes the experience

“For the first hour, during which he took numerous drinks of some sort (he sounded slightly nasal and insisted he has a cold), Moore called the duly elected president “stupid,” “an f’ing moron,” “dumbest candidate ever, against the smartest candidate ever,” and invited the audience to yell up any qualities about President Trump they can offer. They yelled up liar, sexual predator (Moore: “He’s the Harvey Weinstein of the Republican Party!”), perv, constant liar, and more. Yet he thinks the DNC is all-loving, all-encompassing.”

The portly and disheveled Moore apparently managed to hit all of the liberal talking points

“…he expostulated that of the past seven elections, all but one featured the Democrats having a higher popular vote than their opponents. He never spoke of the Electoral College. Similarly, he repeatedly harangued the audience that “the polls show the people agree with us!,” but the things he mentions, and seems to think cover all the important bases, are abortion (“choice”); transgenders fighting in the military (“they’ve been fighting so long that they must be the best military of all”); marriage “equality”; and, naturally, “climate change.””

Republicans and Conservatives (perhaps not wishing to endure two and a half hours of ridicule and derision) avoided the show in droves. Even the New York Times (hardly a bastion of Conservative thought) gave a less than effusive review of Moore. Jesse Green reviewing the performance for the Times said that the show is

“a bit like being stuck at Thanksgiving dinner with garrulous, self-regarding, time sucking Uncle”

Dreyfus points out that oddly enough those topics not mentioned in Moore’s production included

“…taxes, a healthy economy, jobs, security inside and outside our borders, the threat of insurgent infiltrators and aliens”

Also not mentioned?

“.. he never mentioned the scandals unrolling these weeks with Uranium One, Russia, Democrat violence”

Rather than shelling out the $300.00 plus (for the cheap seats – really) perhaps make a donation to a worthy cause such as Wounded Warriors or the relief of Hurricane Victims and just peruse Moore’s many Twitter screeds. If unlike the rest of America you haven’t had enough of him that is.


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