City Council Members Stand Before The American Flag Then Do Something That SPITS IN THE FACE Of Veterans

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Most of us realized that it had to happen, liberals who are apparently frustrated that the NFL won’t allow them to rush on the field and protest the racist national anthem in solemn solidarity with their “heroes” found other ways to act like total morons.

No it wasn’t by masking up and punching women in the face (especially since said women have grown to expect such antics, often go armed and at the very least might punch back) or by defecating on Police Cars (although that is a “go to” tactic of liberal progressives), no this protest was conducted by members of the Ann Arbor, Michigan City Council where four elected members of the council decided to kneel to protest the Pledge of Allegiance because it was racist or something.

The Detroit News reacted in much the same way as most Michiganders did (remember, Michigan (minus a few counties in and surrounding Detroit) went solidly for Donald Trump in the 2016 election) which is to say they reacted with utter disgust.

Nolan Finley (a columnist for the Detroit News) described the despicable act as follows

“…. the Ann Arbor City Council meeting, where four democratically elected officials chose to kneel during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. These kneelers, I suppose, saw their pretentious gesture as an act of courage.”

Finley compared the protest by the City Council members with the actions of a group of coal miners (who Finley correctly acknowledges have every right to protest given the conditions they endure on a daily basis.

According to Finley, the group of coal miners in question, were led by

“…West Virginia coal miner Josh Stowers, proudly and loudly singing the national anthem with his co-workers before a shift that would take them deep underground to do one of the most dangerous jobs. All were standing, with their helmets off, hands over their hearts.”

Although video of the Ann Arbor City Councilmembers bravely kneeling is available, it pales significantly in comparison with the video of these brave, selfless men.

Finley’s spot on article compares the two groups, and Finley is quick to condemn the members of the City Council. He correctly points out that there would be absolutely no consequences for the City Councils actions basically because these big brave City Council member’s chose to conduct their protest in one of the most liberal cities in America. Finley’s stinging rebuke follows

“…since it’s Ann Arbor, there’s no political consequence for showing disdain for America. Elected by fellow travelers from a town dripping with privilege and smugly comfortable in its uniformity of thought, they have little first-hand experience with the injustices they’re protesting. In this academic bubble, the absurd concept of microaggressions had to be fabricated to provide pampered denizens with the requisite claim to victimhood and a reason to feel guilty.”

It should be pointed out that the organizer of the Pledge of Allegiance protest, or kneel in, or whatever you want to call it is third-term councilwoman  Smui Kailasapathy who reportedly settled in America (as a refugee) some 25 years ago. Speaking of her kneeling she stated that

“We haven’t lived up to those words of the pledge,” and added that  “We haven’t lived up to the ideals that our flag is calling us to”

Citing massive amounts of feedback that the kneeling councilmembers have received another kneeling Councilman said

“What my hope is, is that when we disagree, we can disagree in a way that’s respectful and courteous,”

He then lamented that

“Not all the emails have been like that.”

So apparently when someone shows a massive amount of disdain, disrespect and disgust toward something that you might personally hold very near and dear to your heart (like the coal miners in the included video) you need to address them with courtesy and respect, and above all, don’t forget they are all little heroes in their own little way.

Finally, in closing his article Finely refers back to the coal miners saying

“At the start of this national anthem foolishness, I heard a commentator warn it would lead to a normalizing of contempt for our country. That proved true at the Ann Arbor council meeting. But not in coal country, where Josh Stowers is proud to be an American.”

“And America should be damn proud of him.”

You couldn’t possibly be more correct Mr. Finley, not even a little.


Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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