WATCH: Damning Video Surfaced That Will Make Frederica Wilson BEG Trump For Mercy

Someone needs to tell Congresswoman Wilson that if she plans to attack someone over something they said, make sure that you aren’t on video saying the EXACT SAME THING!

Last week, Frederica Wilson hit a new low for Democrats and criticized President Trump over a condolence call made to the widow of a fallen soldier.  When President Trump called the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson to tell her he was sorry for her loss, Congresswoman Wilson was eagerly listening in.

Afterwards, Wilson made one of the most disgusting political decisions in history and reported her account of the phone call to CNN.

Wilson claimed President Trump “basically told Mrs. Johnson that her husband knew what he was getting into”.

Wilson went on to say, “For the President to say that this young man signed up for his own death is so insensitive”

I guess Frederica Wilson forgot that she said  the EXACT SAME THING when she spoke about the death of two FBI agents!

This just proves that Frederica Wilson is a hypocrite and a fraud! It looks like someone owes our President a HUGE apology!

Watch the video below…

Via (LibertyWriters)

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