WATCH: Diamond And Silk SLAM Eminem’s Pathetic Trump Diss With This Hilarious Response

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YouTube stars Diamond and Silk made a hilarious video in response to rapper Eminem’s freestyle roast of President Trump at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Eminem told his Trump-supporting fans, “f*** you” and attacked Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon in his profanity-laced freestyle at the BET Hip-Hop Awards last Tuesday.

The Trump-loving duo, not pleased at Eminem’s rhymes dissing the president, decided to make a “clap-back” response of their own Wednesday.

The video opens with clips of Eminem’s original verse before Diamond and Silk walk onto the frozen screen, with Silk carrying a bag of peanut M&Ms.

“Yo Silk! I know this mofo didn’t just say that,” says Diamond, putting on her best rapper impression.

“He said it,” Silk confirms.

Diamond responds, “Ay yo, drop that beat,” before a small segment of music plays as a segway to their a-cappella rap sequence.

“Trump’s yo president! He’s your president,” the duo says multiple times, responding to the Detroit rapper.

“Trump’s yo president, so get over it. Stop crying like a baby and a little b***h!” Diamond says.

“You mad, you mad that Hillary lost. Diamond and Silk tried to tell ya that Trump’s the boss,” Silk responded.

“He’s a baller. A shot caller. I hope he builds the damn wall ten feet taller,” says Diamond.

The two, a little off-beat from their freestyle, begin chanting, “Build that wall. Build it tall. Protect us all. Before this country falls!”

Silk then sounds off on Eminem’s beef with Trump. “Now you can go around talking about you hate Trump. Take a look in the mirror you just got stomped,” she says.

Diamond adds, “So you tell your fans to draw a line in the sand. To make a choice between you and him like you the man?”

“So let me tell you something that you really need to know. A lot of your fans voted for Trump so maybe you need to go,” says Silk.

Diamond throws down on Eminem, calling his anti-Trump rap “whack.”

“It’s sad you had to use the word ‘racism’ to make a connection. But I am telling you right now your whole rap was whack,” she says.

The duo closes out the rap saying, “Boom! He’s your president. He’s your president. And he is going to win again.”

Diamond and Silk had supported the president early on, backing Trump before he secured the GOP nomination. The duo appeared at a rally in North Carolina in June 2016, hammering Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings with the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state.

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