Fake News Leader NBC Touts The Wonderful World Of Socialism

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Say NBC and the term “Fake News” immediately comes to mind, perhaps not as quickly as it would should you say CNN, but the National Broadcasting Center is hard at work closing the gap in mendacity as can be easily demonstrated by a quick perusal of the network’s flagship “Today” show.

Kyle Drennen of Newsbusters broke the story in his article which went into detail about NBC’s love affair with all things socialist.

The stories were atypical of the left leaning network, America sucks and Socialist countries are so much better because of, well stuff like this apparently

“…some studies show the average American clocks in over 50 hours a week,” McFadden observed, Buettner touted how in Denmark “on average they work 37 hours and they have very clear punctuation between their work life and their social life.” He cited one example: “Mothers don’t have to worry so much about child care. In Denmark, you get a year off.” McFadden chimed in: “Paid.

Buettner praised the supposed socialist utopia: “And there’s a feeling here in Denmark that nothing too bad will ever happen to you.” McFadden hailed: “The Danes trust their government. They pay enormously high taxes.” Buettner cheered: “Every Dane is born with the right to free health care, free education through college, comfortable retirement. They’re free to pursue a job that meets their passions and their interests.”

This idea of Denmark being held up as some type of utopia is nothing new, Bernie Sanders was singing the praises of Socialism in General and Denmark specifically during the 2016 election. But don’t be fooled

As always, liberals love to talk about how great everybody else is when compared to evil old America, but they are also famous for leaving out a few pertinent details

In her story aptly titled “Why Denmark isn’t the utopian fantasy it is made out to be” Ana Swanson lays out some of the would be paradise’s problems

“…The weather is appalling, the taxes are the highest in the world, the cost of living is similarly ridiculous, the languages are impenetrable..”,

“The Nordic countries are, for example, depicted as paragons of political correctness, yet you still see racial stereotypes in the media here — the kind of thing which would be unthinkable in the U.S. Meanwhile, though it is true that these are the most gender-equal societies in the world, they also record the highest rates of violence towards women”

And speaking of Climate Change (which Liberal Progressives tend to do continually) Swanson outlined the following

“Denmark, meanwhile, promotes itself as a “green pioneer” and finger wags at the world about CO2 emissions, and yet it regularly beats the U.S. and virtually every other country on earth in terms of its per capita ecological footprint. For all their wind turbines, the Danes still burn a lot of coal and drive a lot of cars, their country is home to the world’s largest shipping company (Mærsk), and the region’s largest air hub.”

For the most part those working on the Today Show’s staff (such as Cynthia McFadden who reported this story for the show) have adequate funds to live anywhere on this big blue marble (Earth) that they so choose, and yet they still live here in America. Odd isn’t it?

With a Trump presidency and GOP majority, it doesn’t appear as if the Socialist Disneyland world that NBC imagines will be imprinting itself on this country anytime soon (thank God). Perhaps the real key to happiness is not watching NBC.


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