Kellyanne Conway Just Revealed This One SECRET – What She Does Is Amazing

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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway spoke about her faith during an interview at the Value Voters Summit on Friday. Conway is a strong Catholic and told interviewer Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, that her faith is the “bedrock” of her life, saying:

“I don’t know how I could do any of this without my faith, and that’s because it’s a bedrock- because when you are raised in a faith-centric household you realize from the very beginning that there is always something bigger and better than you.”

She continued:

“That sort of humility is an important attribute to take to any position that has such great gravity and responsibility as I feel ours do in the White House.”

Conway spoke about how happy she is to serve her country, and how being a Christian informs her service:

“I feel incredibly privileged and blessed to serve my country in this position, and if I approach it that way, I’m approaching it as a woman of faith, and somebody who knows that for every time there is a season, and god places us at certain places in certain times in our life.”

Conway added that she begins each morning in the White House with a prayer:

“I first of all say a prayer as I walk in because every day I ask the Lord to bless everyone who works in the building, everyone in the country, everyone who that building represents across the country, for our safety and our security, our understanding, wisdom.”

Kellyanne Conway is a lovely speaker, and hearing her talk about her faith is nothing short of inspiring. Check out her full interview here:

It is great to see Godly people in the White House serving us every day. President Trump sure knows how to pick a great team! SHARE it out if you agree with Kellyanne Conway’s message of faith and service!

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