WITCH HUNT: Mueller’s Latest Desperate Move CONFIRMS He Has Nothing On Trump

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The Mueller witch hunt took dramatic new steps this week. According to Politico, former White House Cheif of Staff Reince Priebus has now been interviewed by the special council team.

Confirmation of the interview came directly from Priebus’ lawyer, William Buck.

“Mr. Priebus was voluntarily interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller’s team today. He was happy to answer all of their questions,” Burck said.

This news may seem alarming, but it might just prove that Mueller is getting desperate.

Last week, it was revealed that the special council team was being sued for failing to turn over memorandum pertaining to the permitted scope of their investigation.

Many have accused the team of overstepping boundaries in an effort to uncover ANYTHING  negative about Trump’s team.

But now, a year after allegations of Russian collusion began, they have still revealed nothing —  probably because there is nothing to find.

Their interview with Priebus’ is just their latest attempt to salvage their investigation.

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Mueller’s investigation must end. Now.


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