POLL: Will You Fight For Your Right To Say ‘Merry Christmas’ This December?

If Democrats, Liberals, and Atheists have their way it will be illegal to say Merry Christmas in a public setting because this is deemed “offensive to some.”

Yet President Trump has promised, “We’re saying Merry Christmas again.” That’s right. At least until 2020, the War on Christmas is finally over- as long as we stand behind him. Let’s be honest, nobody with half a brain will be “offended” when someone with good intentions says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Chanukkah” or even “Happy Ramadan”. The point of these statements is a friendly greeting, not oppressive religious rules like the Democrats pretend.

Still, we have to stand up for our right to say Merry Christmas because the War on Christmas is NOT OVER! Will You Fight For Your Right To Say ‘Merry Christmas’ This December?

What do you think?

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