Nancy Pelosi Threatens To KILL Thousands Of Americans If DEMS Don’t ‘Get There’ With Obamacare Reform

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The Democrats have been in full crisis mode since President Trump signed an executive order yesterday ENDING the Billion in illegal subsidy payments they were using for ObamaCare.

Now they are so desperate that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has announced a desperate and deadly plan to get the payments back…She wants to hold the Disaster Payments hostage!

That’s right. After weeks of talking about the importance of helping Americans in disasters and attacking Trump over Puerto Rico, Pelosi is now suggesting to RIP away the nearly $40 billion in disaster funding just to get her way.

During her press conference on Capitol Hill today, Pelosi told reporters,

“There’s a stand-alone vehicle, a vehicle that’s attached to a supplemental (the disaster relief bill), or down the road in the omnibus, but that’s pretty far down the road. Hopefully, we could resolve it sooner.”

That’s a pretty brutal demand from someone who can’t even get her own party’s support anymore. Still, it’s not surprising since her state of California is DESPERATE for Federal money to support their socialist society.

What she is NOT mentioning is that the payments cost $7 billion this year, $9 billion next year, and $100 million over a decade.

There is no doubt America’s healthcare system is not perfect. It has been a mess as long as I can remember. BUT we tried ObamaCare and it clearly failed. Now, if Republicans and Democrats would work together for just 5 minutes to REPEAL and REPLACE it with something non-political, maybe we could get somewhere.

The best way to make them act is to show them the voters are unhappy. Let’s share this out and make that VERY clear to these Congressional losers.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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