POLL: Should Taxpayers Fund ‘Safe Spaces’ For Muslims In The U.S.?

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It began in the universities. You didn’t really think it would STOP there, did you?

Tucker Carlson is really good at two things; One: Bringing in Lefties with ridiculous agendas, Two: With a few simple questions, ripping those agendas to shreds.

She obviously came here thinking she’d make a speech, not expecting to defend the indefensible.

Maybe she didn’t realize she was on Fox and not MSNBC.

Her goal — have ‘safe spaces’ for Muslims to speak to other Muslims freely, even using incendiary language, without being monitored, or punished for it. She compared it to ‘safe injection sites’ heroin users can legally go to. She even attempted to connect her ‘grand idea’ to de-radicalization.

There were a couple of problems with her interview.

Tucker asked her what they would be saying in this safe space that they couldn’t freely say elsewhere, she had nothing.

Should taxpayers fund safe spaces for Muslims in the U.S.?

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