POLL: Should Hillary Return The Mountain Of Cash She Bagged From Harvey Weinstein?

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Hillary STILL isn’t giving back a cent of the millions Harvey Weinstein donated to the Clintons and is silent on his sex harassment (but IS plugging her book)

  • Harvey Weinstein was a huge donor for Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama who also bundled cash from his celebrity friends 
  • His shame as a sexual harasser was revealed on Thursday but Clinton has said nothing and has not returned any of the money he was behind 
  • But she did tweet a link to an interview promoting one of her books
  • And she was on stage for an hour and a half in Stanford but said nothing about the scandal, even criticizing the media for a lack of coverage of another issue 
  • Other Democrats are giving donations Weinstein made to them to charity but Clinton’s silence is in line with Barack Obama

Should Hillary return the mountain of cash she bagged from Harvey Weinstein?

  • 1.2K

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