AMAZING: President Trump Stopped Speech Mid-Sentence, Descended From The Stage, And Did Something INCREDIBLE

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As much as they attack him, the media cannot say that President Trump doesn’t love the US military. In the middle of his speech this morning, President Trump did something incredible.


According to NTK Network, President Trump interrupted his speech at a luncheon in order to shake the hand of Medal of Honor recipient in the crowd.

Trump then noted that 61 Hispanics hard gotten the Medal of Honor and then somebody pointed out that one of the Medals of Honor recipients was actually in the crowd.

The Medal of Honor – that’s the big deal. Thank you for being here. We appreciate it,” he said.

Don’t you love our President? Let’s get this information out there if you absolutely love our President and how much he loves our troops.

God bless him. We must keep on fighting to make this country patriotic again. Share this video everywhere because we know the media sure as hell won’t!


Via (LibertyWriters)

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