TRUMP: “An Act Of PURE EVIL”. President’s Response To Vegas Shooting Just Unified America In These Dark Moments

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In a very brief remark this morning, Trump came out and denounced the violence and said that Americans are “joining together in sadness, shock, and grief.

Trump pointed out that the shootings were “an act of pure evil.” That’s right pure evil was behind the shooting. He then announced something spectacular. Watch the short press conference below.

Trump was briefed earlier this morning on the attack and he immediately tweeted out the following.


Trump then praised the speed of the first responders and called their reaction “miraculous and prevented further loss of life.”

Our President is still scheduled to visit Puerto Rico tomorrow. Sarah Sanders says that that is still the plan.

Help Trump get his message out and share this message on your social media. Do not let the liberals make this about gun control. They are sick psychos that just want to use killing for political gain.

Via (LibertyWriters)

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