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SHOCKING: As Americans Grieve For Las Vegas Victims, Hillary Makes SICKENING Comments

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Following the vicious attack that left 500+ people injured and at least 50 dead at the concert. Hillary Clinton tweeted out right after the shooting that she could not “imagine the deaths” if the shooter had used a “silencer.”

This woman-monster is absolutely tone deaf.


By silencer, Hillary Clinton is referring to a suppressor. She thinks that suppressors work like in the movies and totally kill the sound.

The reason for her tweet is to set the battle over gun rights issues. The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 is in the House currently and will ease restrictions on buying firearm silencers.

Hillary is making this massive tragedy into a political issue. All I can say is, “Thank God this woman is not our President right now.”

There are people lining up to give blood to the victims and Hillary is using her time to make a political issue out of this. Shame!

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